Paying It Forward

This year, I’m going to be giving back to the community of readers and authors who were so supremely supportive of me in 2012.

Every Monday on the One Pink Line Facebook page, I will be offering giveaways for Kindle books written by other authors.

Some of the books will be by indie authors, some not. Some will be books I’ve read and enjoyed, others will be books I have not read yet, but heard great things about. There will be a mix of new releases and old favorites.

Please follow this blog, and follow the One Pink Line Facebook page to see what the new giveaway is each week. I hope you all enter, and I hope you all get a chance to win!

Lastly, if you do win a book – and you enjoy it – please do a little ‘paying it forward ‘ of your own and leave a review for the book on Amazon. I can guarantee you’ll put a smile on that author’s face.

Check Facebook on Monday, January 7th for the first giveaway!!




  1. That is just so nice of you, Dina, you are lovely, from the outside in! Or the inside out, whichever sounds nicest!

  2. What a generous thing to do, Dina! You're amazing!

  3. Very generous...and a great idea!

  4. Sounds great!!!