A new pink line.

What’s old pink is new again.  

Today marks an exciting day in One Pink Line history. My little book is growing up. It’s like her first day of kindergarten, sweet sixteen, and wedding day all rolled into one. From this day forward, she is a traditionally published book and no longer a self -published title.

I’d say it’s bittersweet, but it’s not really bitter at all. I'd always hoped that a publisher would be interested in acquiring this title and helping it reach a wider, global audience. One that I alone (even through tireless Posting, Tweeting, Pinning, song-and-dancing, etc.) could never reach on my own.

That's why I'm so honored to officially be a part of Amazon Publishing, and I’m also both humbled and elated that the world’s leading bookseller believes in me and my debut novel.

If you’ve read One Pink Line, I can’t thank you enough. I meant it, from the bottom of my pale pink heart of twine.

If you've read it and recommended it to a friend, then I love you the most.

If you haven’t read it, here are a few reasons to give this new and improved version a try:
  1. It's been copyedited, and de-comma-ed within an inch of its life. 
  2. It's a really beautiful love story.
  3. It makes a fabulous, belated Memorial Day gift.
  4. The texture of the new paperback cover is the softest thing you will ever feel! Seriously, it's like buttah...

Thanks for joining me on my blog and on my publishing journey. My story is one of many that personifies how this industry is changing for the better. Giving more writers a chance to not only share their stories, but to follow their dreams.

Time to crack the pink champagne!!!


Book Bash in Orlando - After Party Info!

The creators of Book Bash partnered with authors, S.C. Stephens and K.A. Linde, to create:  ANGSTfest, the Official After Party of Book Bash!

And we want to invite YOU!

Event Info:

Come party with the hottest angsty authors out there at the
official Book Bash after party for FREE! Located in the same ballroom
in the Hilton Doubletree as the book signing, you will get to hang out
with more than 30 authors with a DJ and bartenders present.*

Where: Hilton Doubletree ballroom @ CityWalk, Orlando, Florida

When: Saturday, June 29th

Time: 7:00pm VIP early access, 8:00-11:00pm regular event access

How to Get Tickets to ANGSTfest:

Author List:

Abbi Glines

AL Jackson

Andrea Randall

Carey Heywood

Charles Sheehan-Miles

Christina Lauren

CJ Roberts

Colleen Hoover

Dina Silver

Emily Snow

Gail McHugh

Georgia Cates

Gretchen de la O

Jenn Foor

Jenn Sterling

Jillian Dodd

KA Linde

Karina Halle

Kelli Maine

Kendall Grey

Kim Karr

Kristen Proby

Laura Kaye

Madeline Sheehan

Maggi Myers

Michelle Valentine

Monica Murphy

Nicole Edwards

Rebecca Donovan

Renee Carlino

SC Stephens

Shey Stahl

Sylvia Day

Tarryn Fisher

Willow Aster

Stay Connected to the Party:

  • https://www.facebook.com/events/174516889368248/">Book Bash Website

  • https://www.facebook.com/BookBash">Book Bash Facebook

  • Did you already have an ANGSTfest ticket?

    • You don't need to get one through EventBrite, because your name will be on the VIP list!

    • Stay tuned for other ways to make VIP and get in an hour early to see some of your favorite authors!

    Can't wait to see you all there!  We hope to make this an unforgettable experience for each and every one of you!


    *cash bar

    Writers, are you living in a vacuum?

    -->The inside of a vacuum is an air-free, isolated place that’s not influenced by the outside world. The expression “living in a vacuum” means you’re caught up in your own little world and unaware of the big picture. It refers to people with a limited range of experience, who are oblivious to real-world perspectives. 

    I’ve worked in advertising as a copywriter for over 15 years, and this is an expression that comes up all the time. When a creative team gets so wrapped up in every nuance about a particular product (typically what the client says is important), that they often fail to realize that the outside world, the people they’re trying to sell this product to, could care less about most of the things they’re obsessing about.

    A trend I’m seeing is that writers are getting caught up in a social media vacuum. Where they think that the only world that exists, and the only opinions that matter, are the ones swirling around them online. It happens to me...so I know it happens to other people. You start believing what you read about other people’s books, about your own books, about the success and failures of those around you. But if you were to instead, turn away from your computer and walk out your front door and ask anyone else about the things that are influencing you so negatively, they’ll likely say they’ve never heard of any of it.

    The woman at the grocery. The mother of your child’s friend. Your cousin’s book club. They read, and they’d love your book! And no, they’re not familiar with ANY of the people or things you’re obsessing about on Facebook or Instagram. Nor do they care.

    My point is…it’s so easy to get sucked up inside this vacuum. Where you tend to care about only what exists on social media. Where you begin to accept cyber opinions of yourself as gospel. People who’ve never met you, will never meet you, and will certainly never care about you, are influencing your writing…not to mention your daily mood.

    Don’t let it happen. I guarantee you it isn’t worth it.

    If you are a writer, then write. Yes, social media is a huge part of the publishing process. It’s critical to marketing “you”, but it shouldn’t define you.

    The online world you live in, as vast and important as it may seem, is an infinitesimal part of the real world. And if you want longevity in this business, then you’re going to need people in the real world to care about your books too.

    Empty that dusty, suffocating vacuum and focus on what matters.

    Maybe get yourself a broom instead?

    My time at RT - a photo essay

    I don't get out much. People who know me, know they can find me at home...a lot. My husband starts shaking if he's required to stay awake past 8pm most nights, and quite honestly, after this weekend, I have confirmed (embarrassingly enough) that the few occasions I'm able to stay up past midnight are just that...few...and far between.

    However! This weekend, at the RT (Romantic Times) Booklovers Convention, I gave it the college try. And had an unbelievable time hanging out with some amazing talent, and some of the coolest, kindest people I've ever had the pleasure of cocktailing with.

    I also ate and drank WAY too much. Below is a depiction of my time at RT - a photo essay if you will...
     Here's where I parked at Midway Airport. 
    Always good to take a pic if you're going to be gone for five days.

     Here's me in the back of Michelle Mankin's Navigator with the fabulous Elizabeth Hunter. I took this picture to make my friend Meg (a.k.a Elizabeth's biggest fan) jealous. I was smiling so hard at said jealousy, that those ugly tendons in my neck popped out.

    Here's me at dinner with the awesome, energetic, adorable, 
    Rebecca "I drink tequila like water" Donovan. A fellow APub sister :)

     Here's a shot of the menu to make my hubby jealous. 
    Does anything sound better than duck fat fries? Be honest. No, nothing sounds better.
    (see below)

     Duck fat fries. Shared with me by Fred LeBaron.
    And by shared I mean that I allowed him to have three of them.

    This is what I ordered for dinner. Blackened shrimp & grits. 
    It was to die for.

     Just as everyone was finishing dessert, I took this picture of my son on television.

     A full, motley crew. Including Fred, Rebecca, Elizabeth, moi, Killian McRae and Michelle Warren.
    Sadly our hostess with the mostess, Michelle Mankin, was outside warming the car for our sorry asses because it was SNOWING IN MAY!

     This was my set-up for the Indie Book Expo on Thursday. 
     Kitty is my only indie title anymore!

    Here I'm pictured with Larry Kirshbaum, Vice President of Amazon Publishing. 
    I hope I'm getting his title right, because I think he's also my boss. 
    I am very fond of him. 

     Here is the warm brie and parmesean pita chips I had at Rebecca's hotel. Delish! 
    I also had braised short ribs over orzo, but I can't find that pic. 
    I sense your disappointment in missing that photo, so we'll move along...

     I never wear dresses, so I thought I should include this one of me in a dress.
    This photo was taken after I lead a workshop on self-publishing along with the awesome duo of Rebecca Donovan and Tracey Garvis-Graves. 
    We were told we did a fabulous job, so we're going to take our show on the road. 
    Large arenas in major metropolitan areas are hard to reserve, so...tour dates to come.

     Here I'm following Jamie McGuire onto one of those limo/party bus things that have stripper poles and flashing strobe lights. In fact, I may still owe Tina Reber money for this. Hopefully she will let me buy her a drink next month in Orlando.

     Here Jamie and Abbi Glines react with shock and awe when they hear that 
    Tracey has never seen the movie Tombstone.I think it was Tombstone. Oy vey.
    Y'all look out if I'm wrong!

     Housemade mozzarella. Delish. Odd pairing with asparagus, right?

    Capellini with peas, mushrooms, and prosciutto. 
    If only it had more sauce...

     I took this picture and sent it to Jessica Park, wishing she were with us being snarky.

     My table set-up for the Saturday Book Fair. 
    Sat right behind the cutie-patootie couple of Jasinda Wilder and her hubby.

     My number one fan-girl, Rebecca Donovan. 
    Wishing she had pink covers on her books...

    Well, that about does it. The rest of the photos are filled with black-mail-able content, and while they would have made for a more interesting post, I'm going to hang on to those for now.

    I really want to name drop all the awesome authors I had the pleasure of hanging out with this trip, but I'm afraid I'm going to leave someone out. So let me conclude by saying how truly humbling and inspiring it was to be surrounded by such wonderful women...and equally wonderful writers.

    Who's going next year??

    New Orleans 2014