I'm an Indie Author no more.

An Indie Author No More?

Well, that’s not entirely true, as I will ALWAYS (and proudly!) consider myself an indie author. But I do have some really AWESOME NEWS to share!

About two months ago, I was contacted via email by a senior editor at Amazon Publishing in New York (names have been omitted to protect the innocent). It read:

Subject line: Hi from Amazon

Dear Dina,
Apologies for tracking you down out of the blue like this. I’m in the middle of ONE PINK LINE, and I wanted to get in touch to let you know how much I’m enjoying it. Your characters are so human and Anne Tyleresque, and your sisterly dynamic is so relatable, as is the dynamic between Sydney and her mom. I also love your ear for dialogue—overall, just a terrific piece of writing and I think more people should know about it.

Anyway, enough gushing (although I have yet to meet a writer who didn’t enjoy a good gush). I’m writing because I’d love to talk to you about including your title on our publishing schedule here at Amazon. We’re a small division of the company—a boutique publisher at this point—but we do have all the data, marketing and merchandising power of Amazon.com at our disposal, and I’d love to put those forces to work to give ONE PINK LINE a chance at an even wider audience.

If you’re interested, maybe we can set up a time to talk. And if you’re not, no pressure whatsoever. Congratulations on writing a fabulous book!

See if you can guess whether I was interested or not…I’ll wait.

After I lifted my jaw off the desktop, screamed, and hugged my cats; I emailed her back and began the process of being officially welcomed into the Amazon Publishing family. About three or four years ago, Amazon created their own ‘traditional’ publishing house, equipped with fancy, decisive, talented editors who are seeking out new (and seasoned) authors, and publishing and distributing their books under the Amazon Publishing label.

So here’s the scoop. Amazon Encore will be re-releasing One Pink Line, with a copy edit, a bikini wax, and maybe a new cover; and Amazon Publishing will publish my third book sometime next year. The third book is a spinoff of OPL, focusing on Grace’s adult life and introducing another female character.

This is a huge, bittersweet deal for me. As many of you know, I’m a foam-finger-waving-fan of self-publishing. In fact, if it weren’t for the gift that self-publishing is, I would likely never have caught the attention of any editors…let alone readers. Lord knows my old agent didn’t have any luck.

So why give away my rights if I already have access to readers? Because at some point, there’s only so many I can reach on my own. There are only so many friends and strangers that I can impress with my shameless self-promotion. And I honestly believe that there’s a huge untapped audience for my books that I can’t possibly obtain without further assistance. Thankfully, the editors at Amazon Publishing agree, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have such an industry powerhouse in my corner.

I liken it to sending my kid off to college one day. By the time he’s 18, I’ll have done everything in my power to make him the best person possible. I’ll never stop praising him, encouraging him, and molding him into the man he’s capable of being. But at some point, I have to let him go and hope that he studies hard, meets lots of fabulous new people and limits his number of keg stands. I know he’s going to accomplish great things, and I feel the same way about my books.

The number of people to thank are countless, really. This indie community of authors, bloggers, reviewers and especially readers has astounded me with their support, camaraderie and enthusiasm. I truly feel as though I’ve been part of a movement that has re-shaped the publishing industry in only a few years time, and I’m so humbled by everyone who has supported my books and me along the way.

Lest you’re concerned…I’ll still be out there everyday hawking my titles like a shoe salesman working on commission.

Now, please have a glass of wine with me tonight from wherever you are!


  1. When you love something, you just have to let it go...

    I hope we'll still be able to chat again once I get my RAM figured out!


  2. So awesome, Dina!!
    I've heard that Amazon is wonderful to work with. Enjoy every minute of your success, you deserve it. :)

  3. Well-deserved! Congratulations! Livin' the dream...

  4. Dina, this is a great post, and I think you've said what a lot of us feel. It's all about reaching readers.

    Congratulations on your success!

  5. Congratulations! So exciting!! (I'm going to pass on the wine at the moment since it's only 8.00 am but will raise a glass later!)

  6. TRULY TRULY TRULY WONDERFUL DINA!!! And this is what YOU'RE SUPPOSED to do! You're not ditching anyone, you're not 'selling out!' You've put it beautifully here! I'm so excited for you and glad that you'll be able to continue the story of One Pink Line and be able to share it with even more people! Also, this is the kick in the pants I need ... you help motivate those of us who have had not so great agent experiences and have decided to jump the ship and go this route! Love you for being a leader in the self-publication journey and so happy that you're succeeding!!!! xo

  7. this is SO well written and i love everything you said. and hello, FREAKING YAY FOR AMAZON!!!!!! congrats!

  8. **Clink!** Congrats to you, Dina!! Wonderful news and I wish you lots more success! Please keep us posted on how it goes.

  9. Dearest Dina! Congrats to you! Lord knows you've worked hard enough! No one has supported fellow indie authors more! I'll always remember you in the audience with your hubby at my debut during your vacation to Florida. Such class! God bless you as your journey continues! xo cindy

  10. That's FABULOUS news, Dina! I adored One Pink Line and I'm glad this should help more people learn about your novels! Congratulations :)

  11. Woohoo! You go girl!

  12. Dina, that is amazing news. Congratulations. A fabulous fairytale. I wish you every success. For now, I will put your book on my TBR and watch your progress. All the best, Sooz

  13. Wow that's awesome! I'm so happy and wicked excited for you!! You deserve it. One Pink Line touched me. I laughed, cried, ugly cried with tears of jealousy and joy!