Imagine my next novel...

Let me rephrase that. Imagine: My next novel.

I don’t have a full synopsis yet, but I wanted to give you all a little peek into Imagine, which will be coming out some time in 2014.

This book is exciting because it’s very different for me. Here are a few reasons why:

·      It’s a romance (of course)…but it’s also heartbreakingly emotional and has left every single beta reader in tears. Which pleases me to no end!
·      The story is set in Thailand and the Indian Ocean.
·      A large portion of the book takes place on board a sailboat.
·      There is major trauma and gut wrenching passages that were an absolute thrill for me to write, but may be hard for some people to read. In a good way.
·      It’s based on two very real-life stories. One with a happy ending, and one without. There will be details on both at the end of the book.

Anyway, I have no cover and no synopsis, but I absolutely can’t wait for you all to read this book.

I will be posting short snippets from the book over the next few months. Here’s your first…

I’ll never forget the smell. It was jarring in many ways, but memorable because I’d never been afraid of a scent before. I closed my eyes beneath the blindfold and breathed through my mouth as I waited my turn.

They came for me third.

Stay tuned and Imagine a fabulous 2014 for yourself. xx

Happy New Year!


  1. So when can I Imagine this book coming out???!!!!? I mean, like a verifiable date.... month at least!