My Favorite Things Giveaway!

People who know me, know...

I love my birthday!!!

So, in honor of my favorite day (October 6th, 19-nevermind), I'm gifting some of my favorite things to you. With Oprah off the air, someone's got to do it.

Here's what's up for grabs on this fab giveaway:

First prize:
A Kindle Fire HD! 
My Kindle is truly one of my favorite things, so this prize was a no-brainer.

Second Prize:
A smattering of my fave things...

Truffle Oil - I like to drizzle pour it on pizza and pasta and scrambled eggs. Take my word for it, and you're welcome.

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Hand Lotion -
The scent alone will have you drooling. It's stupidly expensive, but will quickly become your new addiction.

Pride & Prejudice DVD -
I'm OBSESSED with this version of the Jane Austen classic and have seen it easily 45 times. It's a must have fave thing for sure.

Essie Nail Polish -
I'm a manicure, girly girl, and these are my two go-to colors. I want you to have them so we can be twinsies.

Target Gift Card -
Since I LOVE Target, and I LOVE wine (but can't ship alcohol) I'm including a $20 gift card for you to go buy a bottle. Do not disappoint me and buy paper towels instead.

Skittles & Double Stuf Oreos -
No explanation necessary.

Third Prize:
Autographed Copies of Finding Bliss, One Pink Line & Kat Fight! One copy of each.

Thanks for entering, please share!

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  1. Awesome second condition (Terms and Conditions)! Haha! More power to you. :)

  2. Hahaha love the terms and conditions! Happy Birthday!

  3. Thank you for this opportunity and have a fabulous birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    And now I want some Oreos.

  5. Happy Birthday!! Thanks for this chance, I have an October birthday too and have some of the same favorite things!

  6. Happy bday chica!!!! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway

  7. Happy Birthday. My birthday is this month too. Awesome giveaway. Loved One Pink Line!!!!

  8. Happy early day of birth! May the best in life always be yours!

  9. hahaha, amazing Terms. I always check because I need to know if it's open to Canada and this was a welcome and awesome fun surprise! Happy early birthday!! Thanks for this fabulous giveaway!

  10. Happy Birthday!!! I have adored your books....especially the tie to Purdue! Boiler Up!!

  11. Happy early Birthday!!! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  12. Happy Birthday! ! Have the best day EVER!

  13. Happy birthday! <3 Thank you for the opportunity.

  14. Yvonne Cline SimpkinsOctober 6, 2013 at 7:06 PM

    Happy Birthday. I love mine too. :)