A new pink line.

What’s old pink is new again.  

Today marks an exciting day in One Pink Line history. My little book is growing up. It’s like her first day of kindergarten, sweet sixteen, and wedding day all rolled into one. From this day forward, she is a traditionally published book and no longer a self -published title.

I’d say it’s bittersweet, but it’s not really bitter at all. I'd always hoped that a publisher would be interested in acquiring this title and helping it reach a wider, global audience. One that I alone (even through tireless Posting, Tweeting, Pinning, song-and-dancing, etc.) could never reach on my own.

That's why I'm so honored to officially be a part of Amazon Publishing, and I’m also both humbled and elated that the world’s leading bookseller believes in me and my debut novel.

If you’ve read One Pink Line, I can’t thank you enough. I meant it, from the bottom of my pale pink heart of twine.

If you've read it and recommended it to a friend, then I love you the most.

If you haven’t read it, here are a few reasons to give this new and improved version a try:
  1. It's been copyedited, and de-comma-ed within an inch of its life. 
  2. It's a really beautiful love story.
  3. It makes a fabulous, belated Memorial Day gift.
  4. The texture of the new paperback cover is the softest thing you will ever feel! Seriously, it's like buttah...

Thanks for joining me on my blog and on my publishing journey. My story is one of many that personifies how this industry is changing for the better. Giving more writers a chance to not only share their stories, but to follow their dreams.

Time to crack the pink champagne!!!