For Authors: Tips on using Goodreads

What more could an aspiring author in this day and age hope for than a website dedicated to millions (yes, millions!) of readers. Think Facebook for readers. If you do not have a Goodreads account, get one. Now. I’ll wait…

Excellent work. I can see that you take orders nicely, which means we’ll get along swimmingly! This is not going to be a Goodreads tutorial, I’m sorry. You will have to mill around there and make it part of your comfort zone on your own. What I will help you with is pointing out some wonderful opportunities offered by Goodreads that will allow you to get your work in front of a few millions books lovers. And if you are an author, you need to label yourself a Goodreads Author so that you will get an author dashboard, and be qualified as such.

 - Giveaways
If you go to your Author Dashboard, there is a section titled Giveaways where you can schedule a giveaway for your book. Currently they only allow paperback copies. I have done three of them, and had thousands of people enter to win my book, add the book to their 'TO READ' list, and many who have gone on to purchase. So this is a great way to get some exposure for your title.

- Friends
I went on and friended readers who I found were interested in chick-lit or contemporary romance, and saw many of these people add my book to their lists. Make friends! Add other authors, and follow people who read your genre. Interacting with people on the site in a genuine way can garner you some really amazing connections.

- Reach out to readers
When I find readers on GR who show a real love for my genre, I send them a private message asking them if they'd be interested in a free copy of my book in exchange for an honest review on GR. No one has said no, and in fact most people are genuinely touched to have been asked.

- Joining GR Groups
There is a 'GROUPS' link at the top, where readers can join groups that represent their favorite genre. I have joined a few of them, and also reached out to a few of the group moderators to ask if they would consider suggesting One Pink Line as a group read. The groups are not a venue for promotion, but it’s another great forum to connect with readers.

- Advertise
Lastly, I did run an ad campaign through GR that started in December of 2011. I spent $150 (you can spend as much as you want), and my campaign is actually still running. It's hard for me to track exactly which views have turned into sales, but GR has a pretty decent report they provide...and sales have been doing well, so who knows. But I am a girl who believes in the power of advertising, so I tend to suggest it to people. However, that being said, I don not think this has worked for me. I’m guessing you would need to spend a great deal more than $150 to make an impact, so I most likely won’t be doing another ad campaign.

Thanks for hanging with me today, please join the site!!

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